Xbox Games with Gold for December 2022

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Xbox Games with Gold added two more as part of the free Xbox Games for December 2022. There are two Xbox One titles available to play, regardless of whether you are a subscriber or have a Game Pass membership. But what are those?

These games are Colt Canyon and Bladed Fury, with Gold titles by Microsoft for December 2022.

Colt Canyon and Bladed Fury are two 2D side-scrolling games available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Everything we know of, especially when you can download them, is listed here.

Release Date for Xbox Games with Gold

As part of Games with Gold, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will only have temporary access to these games. Members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have access to hundreds of top-notch titles and will also benefit from this.

The free Xbox Games with Gold titles for December 2022 have been revealed and include the following:

  • December 1 to December 31- Colt Canyon
  • December 16 to January 15 – Bladed Fury

Colt Canyon

Gamers will find secret weaponry and valuables by exploring the Colt Canyon. It also comes with plenty of TNT and other threats.

Colt Canyon is a challenging western landscape full of weaponry, danger, hidden treasures, and deadly villains. With the sound of a spaghetti western soundtrack playing in the background, shoot your way through and perhaps blow up a few objects with TNT along the way.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a blast saving your companion and other innocent people and won’t become buzzard food.

Bladed Fury

Princess Ji, imprisoned and accused of murder, goes on a unique, action-packed adventure to establish her innocence, save her sister, and exact brutal revenge.

2018 saw the release of Bladed Fury. It is a 2D fantasy action game based on a slightly fantastical interpretation of Chinese mythology and history. As the exiled Princess Ji, the player must move through the side-scrolling landscape while chaining moves to destroy various gods and monsters.

The two Xbox Games with Gold releases, Colt Canyon from December 1 to December 31 and Bladed Fury from December 16 to January 15, will be accessible to anybody with Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

When searching for your next favorite game, there is always something new to play because new games are constantly being released.



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