Where Is Clipboard On iPhone

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Many iPhone users are unaware of where is clipboard on iPhone. The clipboard is a temporary storage area where you can store copied text or images. In this article, I’ll inform you where to find the clipboard on your iPhone and how to use it.

If you’re wondering where the clipboard is on your iPhone, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The clipboard is a feature that is often used but not often seen, and as a result, many people don’t know where it is or how to access it.

From this post, you can learn where the clipboard is located on iPhone, the function of the Clipboard, different ways to access the clipboard history on iPhone, how to use the clipboard on iPhone, and how to delete and save something on Clipboard.

Where Is Clipboard located on iPhone?

You most likely use your iPhone for almost everything. But did you know that there are tons of tips and tricks that can make using your iPhone even easier? Today, I’m going to inform you where to find the clipboard on your iPhone.

Most people know that a clipboard is a handy tool for copying and pasting text between different applications. But what many people don’t know is that the clipboard is a built-in feature of the iPhone operating system.

The clipboard is located in the Settings app on your iPhone. To find it, open the Settings app and tap on General. Scroll down and tap on Keyboard. Near the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an option for Clipboard. Tap on this option to access your clipboard history.

If you’re looking for the clipboard on your iPhone, it’s located in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • You can access it by pressing and holding on to any text or image.
  • And then select “Copy.”
  • Tap on that button and then go to the app where you want to paste the content.
  • You can paste the text or image wherever you want on your iPhone.

What is the function of the clipboard on the iPhone?

The clipboard on the iPhone is there for a reason. It allows you to easily copy text, images, or any other type of content from one app to another. This is especially helpful if you want to copy something from one document to another.

The iPhone’s clipboard is a great tool for quickly copying and pasting text or images. It’s easy to use and makes it easy to share information with others.

What are the different ways to access the clipboard on the iPhone?

To access Clipboard, open the application to which you want to save the content, type or select the text or image you want to save, and press the Return key.

It will automatically copy the content to the clipboard. To paste the content into another application, simply click on the Clipboard icon in that application and select the content you want to paste.

There are a few ways to access the clipboard on the iPhone.

  1. Press and hold down the “select” button on the keyboard.
  2. Open the “clipboard” app and select the text or image you want to paste.
  3. Press and hold the “paste” button on the keyboard and paste the text or image.
  4. Finally, you can access the clipboard by pressing and holding the “Command” and “C” buttons at the same time.
  5. This will open the “clipboard” and you can paste text or images.

How can you use the clipboard on the iPhone to save text, images, and other items?

When you want to save a text image from your iPhone, you can use the clipboard.

  • To do this, first open the text editor on your iPhone, such as Notes or Edit text.
  • Tap and hold the text you wanted to maintain after that.
  • A menu will appear with options to copy, cut, or save to the clipboard.
  • Tap “save to clipboard.”
  • The text image will be saved to your iPhone’s clipboard.
  • You can then paste it into a new message, document, or website.

How to access iPhone Clipboard history?

The iPhone Clipboard is a great way to access the information you’ve copied from other apps. Here’s how to access your Clipboard history:

There are a few ways you can access your iPhone Clipboard history.

  1. From the Home screen, press and hold the “C” key to access the Camera app.
  2. And then from the Camera app, tap the “Clipboard” option.
  3. From the Clipboard options, tap the “History” tab.
  4. Then from the History tab, you’ll see a list of every item you’ve copied to the clipboard.
  5. Next, to access a specific clip, tap on it and release the “C” key.
  6. To delete a clip, tap on it and release the “C” key.

How to Delete Something from Clipboard?

It’s easy to delete something from your iPhone clipboard. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app that you want to delete the clipboard content from.
    2. Tap and hold on to the item you want to delete.
    3. Tap the “Delete” button that appears.
    4. Confirm by tapping “Delete” again.

And that’s it! The selected item will be deleted from your clipboard history and you can move on with your day.

How to Find Your Saved Items on iPhone11 Clipboard?

If you’re like most people, you probably use your iPhone for everything from making calls and sending texts to checking email and browsing the web. And, with the addition of iOS 11, there’s, even more, you can do with your device.

One of the handiest new features in iOS 11 is the ability to save items to your clipboard so you can easily access them later. Here’s how to find your saved clipboard items on your iPhone.

  • To find your saved clipboard items, simply open the Notes app and tap on the “+” icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Then, select “Create New Note” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, tap on the “Body” field and then tap on the “Paste” button in the pop-up menu.
  • Your saved clipboard items will be listed at the bottom of the screen.
  • To select an item, simply tap on it and it will be pasted into the body of your note.

That’s all there is to finding and using your saved clipboard items on your iPhone! With this handy little feature, you’ll be able to easily save and access anything you need, whether it’s a piece of text, a URL, or even an image.


From this post, you have learned where is Clipboard on iPhone and how to access and use Clipboard. A Clipboard is a tool that allows you to store and manage text, images, and other data on your iPhone. It is located in the Settings app under the General tab. The Clipboard can be a great way to save time and keep track of important information.

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