“The Witch of Fern Island” Heads To Kickstarter Campaign

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The Witch of Fern Island, an open-world life simulation game, has a Kickstarter campaign running. This campaign runs by the Polish studio Enjoy Studio. The required funding of $15,000.

The Witch of Fern Island is scheduled for an early PC release via Steam in the first quarter of 2023 and a full release in the first quarter of 2024.

In a press release, the developers said they hoped players of the game would appreciate the slow-moving gameplay.

About the Witch of Fern Island game

See the official trailer of the game below:


Players will take on the role of Abrill, an entrepreneur who seeks to earn a witch certificate. But first needs to impress the Academy of Witches, pass tests, and become familiar with Fern Island’s quirks.

Abrill will reside on the island and work with the people. The player will choose what happens to this country and its inhabitants. Players may travel around the expansive open environment from a hovering clamp to a player.

The Witch of Fern Island emphasizes how crucial culture is to everyday life. Trying to get to know the residents and their challenges from Abrill’s point of view will enable you to reflect on a search for joy and meaning in life.

Simple acts of compassion may transform people’s lives and unite a divided society, as the protagonists’ experiences demonstrate. For example, whether the player is obeying the path has to be assessed while training for the role of a fighter.

Gameplay elements of the Witch of Fern Island

Sandbox, open world, RPG, adventure, and exploration are just a few of the several genres in that The Witch of Fern Island blends multiplayer elements. But the daily and calendar systems enable players to monitor changes in real-time as they make moves in this game, which has no end. They may participate in multiple events and festivals, watch changes in the neighbourhood, and experience the changing seasons.

On Fern Island, there are always intriguing things to do! Fishing, photography, archaeology, insect-catching, local flora and fauna studies, or participating in celebrations and festivities! You’ll be able to go on an immersive adventure as a real witch due to all this and more!

Main Features of the Game

  • Witchcraft characters gain competence through learning various rituals, spells, and other magical information. The player’s operating hub is Birch Grove.
  • The player can develop new magic potions here, keep their belongings, relax, trade their creations with islanders, and much more.
  • The player’s farm, where they may cultivate crops, vegetables, and herbs while taking the best possible care of their magical kinds, is equally significant. The player must take care of beautiful animals that may be bred on the farm.
  • Fern Island is a vibrant, energetic, diversified environment full of mysteries. And players will be able to access previously undiscovered locations as the game progresses by opening new pathways.
  • Players may locate additional items and personalities to engage with by exploring different areas of the island. And it will increase the player’s range of alternatives and provide them access to knowledge that helps them to solve old mysteries.
  • Players will discover villagers living their daily lives on the island of San Juan. They each deal with different things, including distinct issues, dreams, and personality features.
  • The player can change the fates of the inhabitants by solving many of their difficulties. Towns have an area where the players may discover stores, restaurants, pubs, and cultures, depending on how well the game is located.


Early access for The Witch of Fern Island on PC is expected in Q1 2023, followed by a full release on PC and consoles in Q1 2024. If you’re searching for an adventure story, look at the team’s Kickstarter, which has a current funding target of about $15,000 and runs through December 8.

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