The Devil In Me

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The Devil in Me is the fourth edition in the standalone, branching, cinematic horror games developed by the same company that brought you the Season 1 finale and Until Dawn. It is simple to pick up and play for shorter periods alone or with buddies.

On November 18, 2022, Bandai Namco Entertainment released an interactive horror game for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Henry Howard Holmes, the country’s first serial murderer, served as the idea for the game The Devil in Me.

A number of decision-making moments in the game have the power to drastically impact the direction of the story and the dynamics between the key characters. Any of the five characters might pass away forever due to their decisions.

A character wardrobe, tool-based puzzles, and new movement options, including running, leaping, and climbing, will all be included in the game’s new features.

The Devil In Me Gameplay

The Devil in Me dark pictures differs from the other games in The Dark Pictures Anthology with several brand-new gameplay elements. The characters will now include an inventory feature, tool-based puzzles, and additional mobility options, including sprinting, leaping, and climbing.

A large ensemble cast for The Devil in Me features Gloria Obianyo as Jamie Teirgan, Paul Kaye as Charles Lonnit, Fehinti Balogun as Mark Nestor, and Nikki Patel as Erin Keenan. Jessie Buckley plays Kate Wilder.

The Devil in Me offers several consequences and resolutions for each character. The user must play the game numerous times on various pathways and circumstances to view all of the content. The game also has a permanent death system, which means that once a character dies, they are lost forever. The instalment is substantially longer than its previous versions, lasting more than 7 hours and serving as the Season One finale.

The Devil in Me: How to Rescue Every Character?

The subsequent actions are described in the sequence they will occur in your game, and I’ll be mentioning both the name of the setting/chapter and the player character for each significant phase. Twelve critical situations will determine how the five of them will do individually, but several scenes have numerous pass or fail options, so pay close attention.

The Devil In Me: Blackout – Erin

When Erin is left alone in the dark room, and the murderer offers her an inhaler, the first opportunity is for someone to die suddenly. To survive, take the inhaler and avoid attacking the murderer.

Silver Ash Institute – Erin

Playing as Erin once more, avoid using your inhaler in the strange institution wing of the complex, and when the opportunity presents itself, hide behind the closet.

Ignition – Charlie

When Charlie is imprisoned in an incinerator, he has his first chance to pass away. To go underground, you must open the ground grate. Do not give up or wait; it will take two tries. Additionally, he will appear to have passed away as the game switches to the curator for more sad narration, although he has survived.

The Devil In Me: Breathless – Jamie

If you had to kill Kate or Erin, pick Kate. This is because Kate will live, but Erin will not. Trust the process once again!

Waste Disposal – Charlie

As for Charlie, this sequence focuses more on quick decisions than deliberate action. Make sure to complete every QTE and the breathing mini-game; if you succeed, Charlie will survive smoking another day.

Director’s Suite – Kate and Jamie

There are a few ways to survive this, and you’ll get to play both Kate and Jamie. The most straightforward strategy is to choose to flee rather than hide when requested, then decide to close the moving wall immediately, forcing you to complete a QTE immediately after.

Make sure the wall moves to crush whoever is holding the screwdriver while both characters are in the glass chamber and one person appears destined to be destroyed. The game goes away, giving you the impression that she has passed away, but when you come back, you’ll see Jamie has utilized the screwdriver to puncture and break the glass wall, much like with Charlie in the incinerator.

Chase – Kate

Choose to save Jamie instead of escaping to avoid the killer when you are given the option.

Maze – Kate

Once inside the barn and the killer comes in, choose to seal the doors before deciding to run rather than up the stairs.

Cliffside – Charlie

You’ll need to complete the breathing mini-game as Charlie again in a repulsive slaughterhouse place. Make sure you succeed while playing the balancing mini-game once Mark has done so.

The Devil In Me: Homestead – Jamie

Connie, you have to save them here since you can’t play as the dog. Choose the anxious response when you need to hide inside the enormous white home. Choose this one over the alternate scene where Jamie does not live, but Connie does. Connie will survive because Kate will hide under a couch.

Lighthouse – Mark

Mark, ignore Erin’s requests to restrain Charlie. The murderer set up a situation where she would think that, leading her to assume mistakenly that he is involved in the killing spree. However, it’s incorrect because tying Charlie up will only result in his death.

Lake – Erin

When the police officer “drops” the pistol, instruct Mark to take it as Erin. He will take a spray as a consolation because this won’t work. Later, on the getaway boat, it will be essential. In The Devil in Me, you’ll see the sunrise if you get through the killer’s final scene alive.


Players now have access to the fourth episode in as many years of the Dark Pictures Anthology with the release of The Devil in Me. In The Devil in Me, finding a way to save everyone requires an excellent balance of quick decisions.

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