Silver Chocobo Feather

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Silver Chocobo Feather is one of the most exciting things in the game and fans have a lot of ideas. Final Fantasy XIV has many goods to exchange for gear. But the most recent addition is Silver Chocobo Feathers introduced by the game’s developer.

Since it is introduced in emergent gameplay online role-playing games. Many people have been asking how to get Silver Chocobo Feathers

Final Fantasy is a comparatively recent multiplayer video game brand with a large number of sequels. Final Fantasy XIV is the most recent sequel from the creators of Final Fantasy. The game presents a lot of new objects throughout the game. You can have a lot of fun playing it because it’s an RPG game.

What is FFXIV Silver Chocobo Feather?

Well, the simplest response to this issue is that it is a universal symbol of friendship. It resembles a silver feather and is traded for equipment or something more valuable.

You can’t get this Feather from any tables or anywhere else in the game. In fact, you’ll only get it if you bring a new character to the game, which means a friend or anybody joins via your choice.

There is also no level restriction for this item, so if you are on level 1, you can still acquire this item. There is no limit to how much you can get this item. No level restriction for this item, so if you are on level 1, you can still acquire this item. There is no limit to how much you can get this item; it is a great way to get started and gain some useful stuff and you introduce players to the game, you will be rewarded.

10 ffxiv Silver Chocobo Feather is the quantity of Silver Chocobo feathers. You earn for bringing one player to the game. How would you utilize this thing once you get it? Let’s have a look at the following paragraph to see what I mean.

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How to Get Silver Chocobo Feather?

You cannot earn Final Fantasy XIV silver Chocobo feather in normal ways. That’s right, you read that correctly. They can only be obtained by participating in the Recruit a Friend campaign or purchasing a Jump Potion at the Square Enix Mog Station.

You can get Silver Chocobo feather Final Fantasy 14 by two methods. So, in case you wish to attempt these two approaches, I will demonstrate them below.

One approach is to purchase a level booster from an online store, while the other is to create a new character in a preferred world, then join in and get rewarded as if you were a new player.

We want to remind you that these techniques are simply speculations; you may try them if you wish, but the first option is completely legal and guarantees that you will be paid with it.

You will receive Silver Chocobo Feathers as a prize for introducing a friend to the game via the campaign, which you may exchange with Calamity Salvagers in any of the beginning towns.

Where to Trade Silver Chocobo Feather?

If you trade Silver Chocobo Feathers with Calamity Salvagers, you’ll receive clothing and weapons in return, allowing you to outfit your new Job or character if you’ve recently used the Potion.

It isn’t much you can do with these Silver Chocobo Feathers outside obtaining Idyllshire and Ironworks clothing for the various Jobs. They will, however, prevent you from having to grind for Tomestones of Poetics via Roulettes, so make good use of them.

How to Use Silver Chocobo Feather?

If you’ve recently used the Potion, the Calamity Salvagers will supply you with armor and weapons in return for these Silver Feathers, allowing you to gear up your new Job or character. It is the best use of silver Chocobo feather.

Tomestones of Poetics may be used to purchase items at levels 50 and 60. The main plot will provide you with the adequate equipment for your first class all the way up to level 70.

None of the catch-up gear is difficult to get by. SE makes it simple to keep up with the current grind.

So, where to spend silver Chocobo feathers? Choose between the i120 and i260 gear sets. Both are excellent for their respective levels, and both require the same level of effort to get.

FFXIV Chocobo Feather Exchange

The Moogle delivery service will provide you with 5 Gold Chocobo feathers. The Calamity Salvager in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Calamity Salvager Ul’dah can swap them for unique things. Your invitees will receive their own set of amazing prizes. Starting the minute they log back in, they will earn 7 days of free play.

That means they may begin questing, fighting, exploring, or just hanging out with you for free. They’ll also receive 10 Silver Chocobo feathers, which may be traded for great stuff with the Calamity Salvager.

They may swap Silver Feathers for level 70 Scaevan Magitek weaponry, for example, which is ideal for anybody preparing to embark on the epic Shadow-bringers narrative.


For inexperienced gamers, the Silver Chocobo feather is a wonderful starting point because they allow them to obtain additional goods. You can obtain Silver Chocobo Feathers as a prize for presenting a friend to the game through the movement, which you may exchange with Calamity Salvagers in any of the beginning towns.

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