Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File      

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What is the Samsung Accessory service transferring file? The majority of Samsung devices currently use the Samsung Accessory Service transferring file app to connect to nearby Samsung accessories. The Samsung Accessory Service app has caused various issues for its users.

The “Please wait” message is a wonderful example of how Samsung Accessory Service might still appear on occasion. While the Samsung Accessory Service notice seldom interferes with the device’s essential functionality, it is nonetheless a cause of annoyance.

Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File

With the support of this article, you will learn more about the problems that this causes, as well as all of the available solutions.

I will also answer the question of do I need the Samsung Accessory Service app? So, proceed by reading this article thoroughly.

What Is Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Used For?

What is Samsung Accessory Service Used for? Samsung Accessory Service is a Samsung Android software that allows smartphones to connect to accessories like Samsung Gears by providing a stable networking environment. Accessory Service has a variety of functions that may be accessed by connecting accessories to your mobile device, such as the Galaxy Watch.

  • Capable of data transmission and receiving.
  • It can send and receive files.
  • For media files to be sent to the accessory device, the app service needs Storage permission.

When linked to a mobile device, Samsung Accessory Service will work with the following accessories.

  • Samsung NX-1
  • Galaxy Gear
  • Gear 2 and Gear S Series
  • Galaxy Watches

Do I Need Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File?

Yes, you’ll need this app if you use accessories like the Samsung watch. It has a number of factors and uninstalling it will disrupt your fitness applications’ synchronization.

You can remove it if you don’t use a Samsung watch. If you’re wondering whether you need a Samsung accessory service, you should know that it’s only required if you’re using a Samsung watch.

By now you should know that if this service is genuinely necessary, and you want to access data and files from any device, you may enable it now and disable it later.

How to Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Download?

By connecting accessories to your mobile device, Samsung Accessory Service creates a stable environment in which you can enjoy a number of features.

Installing applications and games from a Samsung Accessory Service APK file is a basic and uncomplicated procedure that you will remember for the rest of your life after you have completed it. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the download page by tapping the blue button below. From there, you can choose the proper download method.
  • Keep in mind that the Google Play store in your country may not include all of the apps and games you want. Instead of downloading the APK file from the Play Store, you may save it from Android Freeware mirrors.
  • If an installation warning appears when you launch the saved file, go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to enable installs from this source! Only do this the first time you install an unknown APK file.
  • To find the Samsung Accessory Service APK file, I recommend using file management software. It’s probably in the Downloads folder. It’s time to open it and get started with the installation.
  • Start and enjoy the Samsung Accessory Service app that has been installed.

This service is suitable for a variety of connection scenarios, and it uses management programs to make utilizing accessories with your mobile device more efficient and comfortable.

(Examples are Samsung Gear Manager and Samsung Camera Manager Inst.)

Download the Samsung Gear app

  • Tap the Apps icon from your mobile device’s Home screen.
  • Select Internet or Chrome from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to
  • After that, tap. Download the file.
  • Only mobile devices have access to this link.

Samsung Accessory Service Keeps Stopping

If your phone is acting strangely after an update and all of your settings appear to be in order, the standard recommendation is to…

  1. Turn the phone off, then go into the phone’s system files and erase the cache using a set of button pushes.
  2. Make a backup and remove any relevant SD cards before doing a factory reset as a last option.

Samsung Accessory Service Not Installing

If Samsung Accessory Service does not install notification appear then try these steps:

  • Go to Apps>Settings.
  • At the upper right, tap the Menu symbol (3 dots).
  • Show System applications are the option to choose.
  • A clear cache by going to Google Play Services>Storage.
  • Clean cache and data by going to Google Play Store>Storage and tapping clear cache and data.
  • Clear cache, then clear data under Google Services Framework>Storage.
  • When you discover an answer that works for you, be sure to select “Accept as Solution.”

Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Draining Battery

Since the upgrade, hundreds of customers have complained about the battery draining issue, the majority of them are One Plus users. Turn off the power optimization function in all Galaxy Wear apps and plugins to fix the battery draining problem.

Additionally, the battery optimization will locate and reset any programs that are consuming your device’s energy. If this program tells you not to remove the battery optimization, you should ignore it since keeping it active would drain your device’s battery faster.

How to Fix “Please Wait for Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File?”

You should be aware that the notification “Transferring file, please wait” is one of the difficulties that arises after updating the smartphone, and it mostly affects Samsung Galaxy S7, S9, and S8 devices, as well as some other Samsung Galaxy devices.

You should be aware that if you have this Samsung accessory service download issue on a regular basis, it is not indicative of a problem with your device.

Some users have reported receiving this warning immediately after terminating a phone conversation; if your watch is linked to the smartphone, the app logs your call history on it.

If you don’t want this notification to go up every time you open your browser. Then uninstall and reinstall the Galaxy Wearable app. As a result, the plug-in, as well as the accessory service app, will be reinstalled. As a consequence, it will successfully install all of the files, and the file transfer notification will be disabled.

If the above technique does not work, you should attempt forcing the program to close. Then clear this app to see if it fixes the issue. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • On your smartphone, go to Settings.
  • Click on Samsung Accessory Service under the Apps section.
  • Then press the Force Stop button.
  • Finally, try unplugging the watch and then repairing it using your smartphone.
  • Restart your phone after that.


I’ve provided all of the necessary information about the Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File app. Don’t worry this problem will solve in the future. From this article, I hope you have learned all about this service. If you have, please share it with me, and I would gladly respond. Stay tuned for additional updates.

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