PS5 unique Ghostwire Tokyo is listed for Xbox on Bethesda’s London office wall

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The PS5 unique Ghostwire Tokyo is listed for Xbox and discovered on a wall in Bethesda’s headquarters in London.

By Klobrille on Twitter, an article highlighting Bethesda’s London workplace on the office design company Area website showed images of large wall art showcasing Bethesda’s games, such as Ghostwire Tokyo. This post is currently no longer on the site.

The game was listed as an Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC title on the Ghostwire Tokyo mural. The Twitter user said that the specifics were apparent. It’s interesting to note that Tango Gameworks hasn’t announced a possible Xbox release of the title. Bethesda also hasn’t released a statement.

Deathloop And Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Relaese

Shinji Mikami is the director of the Tango Gameworks creation Ghostwire Tokyo. It was described as a “memorable but flawed action-horror game” in VGC’s Ghostwire Tokyo review.

Microsoft was previously restricted from releasing Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox because of an agreement Sony had with them to create two PS5 console exclusives.

However, nearly a year after its PlayStation 5 debut, Deathloop was just released on Xbox Series X/S. (September 20, 2022, versus September 14, 2021).

But it seems like an Xbox version is now confirmed, as Bethesda Softworks has a new global publishing office in London. Which strangely has Ghostwire Tokyo content on the wall – mentioned for Xbox Series S/X.

Ghostwire Tokyo may be available for Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass after March 25, 2023, if the current deal is in place for that game.


PS5 unique Ghostwire Tokyo is listed for Xbox because Sony already had made PlayStation special deals. Due to this, the game was released in March for PC and PS5 but not for Xbox, even though Microsoft controlled the franchise and both the developer and publisher. Ghostwire Tokyo was among two particular cases when Microsoft purchased Bethesda last year.

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