Overwatch 2: gameplay overview for Ramattra 3D

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The team-based action game Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game constantly growing and set in the promising future. Each round is the ultimate 5v5 battlefield war.

Join forces with friends across all platforms and engage in reinvented PvP as a time-jumping freedom warrior, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or one of more than 30 other distinctive characters as you engage in combat all across the world.

Ramattra’s development and gameplay are covered in two new Overwatch 2 videos from Blizzard Entertainment.

Making Ramattra was a technological challenge. As a playable hero and an overwatch 2 character with a deep backstory, Ramattra stands out in the Overwatch universe, and we’re thrilled to introduce him to you.

Ramattra As A War Machine For Overwatch 2

Ramattra was initially created as a war machine for Overwatch 2, disassembled his weaponry, and used a shield to defend his people and promote tranquility and harmony.

His beliefs were similar to those of Zenyatta, a Shambashi monk. Ramattras, however, is a harsh reality that involves betrayal, pain, and self-harm.

In two brand-new video clips for Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment shows you the game’s design progression and brand-new gaming scenes:

We knew we wanted him to be able to turn into his large, imposing tank. Therefore, we always intended for him to be a tank. Before we discuss his “Nemesis form,” let’s take a look at his idea and equipment with the Overwatch 2 hero design team:

Lead Balance Designer Josh Noh and Associate Game Designer Tess Leiman

Omnic Form

As the first tempo tank included in Overwatch 2, Ramattra can instantly shift into a different shape. Ramattra’s omnic form is his basic appearance.

You will begin in Omnic form when you first choose Ramattra. The Void Accelerator, a massive staff with its own primary and secondary flames, is his weapon in this form. Ramattra now has longer-range options, although there is a benefit to employing this weapon.

Ramattra’s secondary power is Void Barrier, which she may use to erect a high-health barrier in a chosen area temporarily. Several alternative playstyles are available when the barrier is activated since you can see a line on the ground to identify where you wish to position the barrier within its range.

Nemesis Form

Both Ramattra’s appearance and his weapon alter in his Nemesis form. In his nemesis form, he gains weight, wears extra armor, and grows two more arms acting as his weapons. Depending on your viewpoint, he becomes a massive protector—or danger.

Ramattra has a power that he can use no matter his shape. You are not always in this form since Nemesis has an 8-second cooldown. The skills you have in one form won’t be available in the other, so you need to be careful when choosing which one you’re in.

Ravenous vortex

A nanitized ball called the ravenous vortex slows, grounds, and harms opponents. Ramattra can efficiently deliver damage in either his Nemesis or Omnic form, while enemies are kept in the sweet region created by Ravenous Vortex. This power may also be used defensively to lock down specific locations or keep individuals away from your teammates.

Ramattra is well equipped to control space. He uses sheer force and whatever is available to push his way through team fights to accomplish his goals.


A vast energy swarm called Annihilation shoots out toward any foes around and continuously inflicts harm.

Ramattra possesses all the advantages and powers of Nemesis form, while these ropes are fastened to foes. With this ultimate, he offers opponents the choice to kill him or flee.

December 6 is the Overwatch 2 release date, Ramattra debuts with the in-game tanks for season 2. Keep a watch out for new developments leading up to season 2.

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