NCSOFT uncovers Project LLL – open-world Multiplayer online third-person shooter for console and PC

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Currently developing for console and PC, Project LLL is an upcoming open-world massively multiplayer online third-person shooter. It will release in 2024 worldwide. NCSOFT has published the first gameplay trailer, developer diary, and interview.

Project LLL explanation by project leader

Project leader Seeder Jaehyun Bae explained in the text interview that the team aimed to invent a brand-new genre. That was entirely apart from the previously popular looter shooter or battle royale. With a new IP that uses the terms “shooter,” “MMO,” and “open world,” we intend to establish a new market that is unique to NC.

He said that we are working on a project that mixes several gameplay mechanics and aesthetics from earlier NC games. And we can’t wait to offer a sneak peek to our audience.

Project LLL, in Bae’s opinion, will provide a vast open world with more than 30 kilometers of land harmoniously integrated into a single habitat. For building it, the most recent Unreal Engine is used.

Here is the official trailer of the gameplay:

LLL is a sci-fi game, but it may also belong to the alternative history subgenre as a game, according to Bae. It takes place in a universe where the premise is that the course of history as we know it was altered because of a particular historical occurrence. In the demolished Seoul of LLLa, the Byzantine Empires of the 10th and 23rd centuries will combine into one tale.

Bae mentioned Blade Runner, Total Recall, and The Man in the High Castle as influences for the game’s themes of technology, human justice, and alternate history, as well as the books Foundation and Dune and works by Philip K. Dick for the game’s backstory.

Project LLL will have established characters, unlike other NCSOFT games, each with its name, backstory, and motivations.

Visit to read the entire interview with Bae to learn more about the game.

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