INFINITE GUITARS get December 13 release date for Switch, Xbox One, and PC

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To rescue the world, Rhythm RPG places players against robotic war machines. On December 13, 2022, Humble Games will release INFINITE GUITARS, an action rhythm game created by Nikko Nikko, for the Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch through Steam.

From November 17 2022, until 9 am PT, the lofi album is available on Apple Music. Players can download the album from Apple and Spotify to hear the track before the release.


Players in gameplay use music to defeat mechanical enemies. Metal war machines that have awoken and learned that an electric guitar can turn their technology against them are trying to live against humans.

Players will assemble a band to battle their enemies and defend humanity, fine-tune their instruments, and employ rock.

With the INFINITE GUITARS, prepare for the day by gathering the group and tuning your favourite axe—a soul-rhythm RPG with thriving anime, adventurous Mech fights, and marvellous original theme music.

Critical Features Of INFINITE GUITARS

RPG rhythm mechanics are used throughout the gameplay and INFINITE GUITARS features:

  • Exploring a stunning scientific world with Massive Mechs, instrument heroes, and over-the-top weapons, this animated adventure is electrifying, energetic, and anime-inspired.
  • Role-Playing Rhythm improves expertise and checks reflexes in rock combats that combine components of turn-based role-playing, action, and rhythm games.
  • In the Guitar-Driven group fights, play soundtrack and duets as Sam, JJ, Rua, and Kaylee are scolded for their skills and strengths.
  • Angry with the Mechs, use your abilities in massive boss fights that blend high-energy rock and anime-inspired action.
  • 100 % original music for explosive t. Turn up the volume for the final battle against the War Mechs to steel-shattering levels!


As INFINITE GUITARS incorporates elements of turn-based RPG, action, and rhythm games, the gameplay contains RPG rhythm techniques. The game’s concept includes anime graphics as players fight several mechs throughout the game.


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