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How Windows 11 Install

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If you want to know how Windows 11 install then you are in right place. As part of Microsoft’s latest update (January 18), Windows 11 is available for download and installation in many countries around the world.

It includes a host of new features and improvements from Windows 10 which you can opt-in. However, it comes with certain limitations that I will discuss here which you may want to know about before installing. Read on to learn more!

How to Windows 11 Install?

You can start by downloading Windows 11.

Windows 11 Download

  • Windows 11 download starts by downloading all updates and packages automatically from the start menu:
  • Then go to Settings > Update & Security > More Options.
  • Select Updates > Select All Updates.
  • Your computer should now be ready to receive automatic updates.
  • Once this process is done, your computer should be ready to boot into either regular Windows or Win11. If you want help then go to Windows 11 Installation Assistant.
  • You can choose to activate the Win11 as well with the steps below.

Activate Windows 11

  • To launch Win11, type “win11” on the keyboard.
  • From there, select Win11 as an option.
  • Then press ENTER.
  • The OS will begin installing its settings, but if you don’t want any changes to be made then click OK.
  • After you have finished Installation, you can check off the boxes next to Startup as Win11 button and confirm.
  • If not, make sure you click Skip, otherwise, just go back to the previous install point.

Choose Windows 11 Home

  • In order to view the installed programs in Win11 press Alt + X.
  • This option opens a list of applications in the taskbar and shows most of them at once.
  • For instance, there are some utilities such as Cortana, Mail, and even the weather.
  • In most cases, these apps are essential as they can help improve the user experience on your computer, so make sure to keep them in your system path as well.

How to Install Android Apps on Windows 11?


download android apps on windows 11

Once upon a time, Windows used to provide its users with a free app store, however, Microsoft has reorganized this feature to allow those who need a particular app to use one without needing to purchase another.

There are two options for adding a compatible app.

  • First, you will need to start by making a copy of the app you prefer.
  • Then you can open Windows and search for the downloaded file.

In case you have downloaded several apps, it is better to select a particular choice and delete the others.

  • Following that, go to the bottom of Windows and select Apps.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the app and download and activate to be able to access the app.
  • When asked to sign up, do so and wait for the approval of Microsoft before launching the application.

Check whether Win11 works fine

Once installed successfully, when you try opening a new Windowpane with Win11, you may notice the following problems.

  • First, some bugs could occur while running the software.
  • These include glitches in screen rotation and issues with desktop performance.
  • Other than that, some games may not function correctly with Win11.
  • Nevertheless, you must keep on using it to run the game smoothly.

Finally, if you face any other problem like any crash related to hardware or internet connection, then contact support and report a bug.

How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Hardware?

Windows 11 includes support for advanced tools including Virtual Desktop, remote control over multiple devices, easy setup of various types of smart home devices, multi-monitoring, faster virtualization, etc.

As I mentioned above, you won’t find many differences between Win11 and Win10 as far as the basic structure is concerned. Win11 also supports dual monitor setups but only for desktops/laptops. And you must see the screenshot of one desktop at a time when it’s open.

How to Install Windows 11 on an Unsupported PC?

You can also choose to use Win11 instead of traditional XP which cannot run Linux OS very effectively. Besides the usual Windows interface and features, you can configure your PC to use Windows as you like.

Now don’t forget to take advantage of the built-in web browser, i.e., you can browse the Internet freely through Windows. Moreover, if you want to take action from wherever you are, then you can connect to Google Drive to get things done quicker. To ensure smooth Windows interaction, you can open your favorite program right from within your device.

Change your background image

If your Android or iOS device is configured properly and has enough memory space, then you can change your background image.

  • By selecting the background image category.
  • Select Background Image.
  • Then choose your image and apply. Or you can turn this image off.
  • Again, select the picture and select the backdrop image from where you usually choose.
  • Alternatively, change a photo as specified in the same category.
  • Go ahead and select anything else in the category except the chosen image, and select the background image again.
  • Note down those steps. Then follow up with your completed operation, and you are good to go.

Import and Export Data on Windows 11

You can import files stored on your phone to your computer without worrying about storage. Moreover, you can use it to save information from mobile storage to computer and vice versa.

Import and export folders can be achieved easily and seamlessly. There are quite a few plugins and extensions to perform this task. Simply ensure that the size is appropriate.

How to Edit Documents on Windows 11?

For this, you must know how Windows 11 Works. You can change the text style and design by just:

  • Pressing Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V keys.
  • If you are creating something unique and complicated, you only need to press it once.
  • Another possibility is to edit images and documents by holding Ctrl + M keys or Control + L keys.
  • Furthermore, you can apply specific filters to make your documents look better.

When working on MS Office files and other office applications, you may feel difficulties because you can’t see the final document clearly. Well, you can avoid such problems by saving them in another folder on the hard drive and sending them to someone else.

Some great programs like Adobe Acrobat and WordPad for Mac let you transfer to different computers so that you can continue working there. Moreover, Microsoft provides a program called MS Office Converter which does this job for us. But you must pay for it because this tool isn’t available with free versions or with paid ones.

Search for files and read them

By default, all folders in Windows are hidden in a plain color with their contents visible at the top left corner of the window. However, there are situations in which you need to display your files.

So, you can change the colors in your documents by highlighting and changing the color in the toolbar at the top.

View and manage your files

You can always select the View Mode by clicking the three dots next to the icon of File Explorer. This option lists all the views of your saved files for viewing. Also, you can hide and show your files by switching between the View modes menus.

Import your data

By default, there are few files opened in Documents Folder. To return them then simply click on the arrow at the top left side of the document for the folder.

The Document Folders section appears on the left side with all the uploaded files there. In case you have changed the format for storing files, you need to set the appropriate entry to view the same files in the document folder.

If not, then you can create a folder for displaying the documents. Of course, your choice depends on how many copies are needed.

Create a backup on Windows 11

When you create another copy of your files in other locations, then you can recover your data there as well.

  • So, select the Export option and copy your original files within the Documents folder to another location to restore them.
  • Then the Original Documents folder appears. Within this, locate your copied files and move them from the Original Documents folder to the Recovered Documents folder.
  • Next, drag them to the New Documents folder.
  • Then, simply double-click, and everything will be done.
  • Do not forget to save the recovery information into this folder before exiting this activity.

Open a meeting on Windows 11

When you need to hold one on your computer, you can get that done directly by going to the Windows Start menu and clicking Collaboration.

  • Just right-click the item and pick whether you want to open or closed it.
  • Inside the drop-down menu, enter the name of the meeting and hit Get Started.
  • You can also click Start to join your meetings.
  • On the other hand, you can also choose to cancel a meeting you want to make in the future and it will be automatically removed from the chat window.
  • No matter what you chose, nothing should be shared.

Show files with the new tab

When you add a file to a folder and right-click to open or close, then you only need to get the new tab to right-click, and show on the tab to see it. However, you can use other ways such as preview, which opens the source code of the file and lets you see the entire content.

Run the server on Windows 11

On Windows Server 2012 R2, you may only run it in Hyper-V in terms of virtual hosts through the command line. However, you can also manage the whole scenario on a single machine named Dedicated Host.

Here, you may create a folder and share it with everyone on the team. One important thing is that dedicated servers should be placed within the subdirectory of the group member’s personal computer.

Share files on Windows 11

When you need to edit and modify the existing document, you can do so from anywhere on your computer.

  • Just write the changes to a normal document.
  • Then, the editor will instantly appear and finish editing. Moreover, you can quickly do anything from inside the group’s computer. Isn’t it convenient?

Copy media files, music, and videos on Windows 11

If you need to edit your video recordings or audio files then you can use Media Editor. Although it is still considered a beta version, it is still functional.


I hope from this article, you have learned how Windows 11 install. Windows 11 is now available for free download in many regions as part of Microsoft’s newest release (January 18). You may opt-in to a slew of new features and upgrades from Windows 10. It does, however, have certain restrictions.

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