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How To Remove XP And Install Windows 7

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If you want to know how to remove XP and install Windows 7, you must understand that “clean install” is a method of upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Microsoft is terminating support for Windows XP after nearly 13 years. That implies that unless you are a significant government, no more security upgrades or fixes for the operating system will be provided.

Windows XP and Windows 7 are two independent operating systems that require separate sectors on a computer to work correctly. Windows 7 recognizes XP and allows dual booting.

XP launched before 7 and therefore installed first. By making two sectors and installing XP first, you may install Windows 7 and XP on the same PC. In this article, I will give step-by-step information to remove XP and install Windows 7.

How do I uninstall Windows XP and install Windows 7?

Windows 7 cannot update a Computer running Windows XP straight, making things more difficult for Windows XP users. Follow these instructions to update from Windows XP to Windows 7:

Step 1: Preparation

  1. You will need to provide an external DVD or BD reading device if your PC does not.
  2. You may get the newest drivers for Windows 7 by downloading them and saving them to a USB flash drive. It makes no difference whether you load the disc from within Windows or when you boot up. However, if it is pre-installed, you can load it from within Windows.
  3. Microsoft does not provide a Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrading option. Your Hard Drive Disc will be formatted and all data will be lost during the Windows 7 installation. Make a backup of your data before installation.

Step 2: Installation

  1. Place the Windows 7 installation disc in the external DVD or Blu-ray reader. Activate your PC.
  2. To access Boot Manager, hit [F12] on your keyboard during the boot-up screen.
  3. Select the DVD or BD reading device where the installation disc is inserted once you’ve entered Boot Manager.
  4. When you receive the prompt to reboot from the DVD or BD reading device, press any key on your keyboard.
  5. The Windows 7 Installation page will appear when you reboot. To proceed, click “Install Now.”
  6. Click “next” after checking “I accept the licensing conditions.”
  7. After that, select custom install. You can update if you’re using vista or a lower version of Windows 7.
  8. You can reformat your hard disc if you wish to delete it and start over totally. When it asks which partition of the drive you want to install on, you’ll be allowed to do so.
  9. If you have Windows pre-installed, you may use a tool called Ease-us to create additional hard drive partitions.
  10. After you’ve installed Windows, you may accomplish this. If you’re doing a clean install, just make a new partition on the remainder of your drive.
  11. Do not boot from the DVD the first time it reboots during installation. This implies you’ll simply repeat the previous section.
  12. When prompted for a license key (which may or may not be required depending on whether you’re using a pre-activated edition), type it in.
  13. It can be printed on the back or side of your computer, however, it could only function with the Windows edition that came with it.
  14. Finally, some of your drivers may be missing once it has been installed. The ones marked with a yellow asterisk are either missing or incompatible with Windows 7. Select them and choose Update Driver.
  15. Finally, apply all changes, and installation is completed!!!


How to Remove Windows 7 And Install Windows XP on Laptop?

If it’s a new laptop, it may not have drivers for the older Windows operating system, causing it to break down.

  • To begin, contact the laptop manufacturers to see whether XP drivers are available for your model.
  • Then you’ll need to either utilize an existing XP license or purchase a new one and install it on your laptop.
  • Start the installation by inserting the install disc into the laptop and rebooting it.
  • You can format the Windows 7 disc and then continue installing Windows throughout the installation process.
  • You’ll need to make a backup of your data and reinstall all of your apps.
  • You cannot activate XP using a Windows 7 key.

How can I Remove Windows 7 Completely?

  • Use the uninstall software included with Windows 7 to remove an application.
  • In the right panel, select Control Panel.
  • For an application that is under Programs, you must uninstall it.
  • After that, list all the apps you installed using widows installer displays by Windows.
  • Click on Uninstall or Change located at the top of the page.

How to Remove Windows XP And Install Windows 7 without CD?

  • Make sure you haven’t uninstalled Windows from your Windows 7 disk (typically C drive).
  • Assess the size of Windows now.
  • Restart your computer after inserting your Windows 7 installation DVD.


I hope from this article, you have learned how to remove XP and Install Windows 7. You must buy the program if you can run Windows 7. Because upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 isn’t a one-step process, you’ll need a full copy of Windows 7.

You can format your hard drive and reinstall Windows using any Windows operating system disk because you can’t remove Windows XP after booting.

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