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How To Fix Error Message On PS5 “Can’t Use This Content. To Use This Content, Purchase It.”

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Are you searching for solutions to the PS5 game error message? “Can’t Use This Content. To Use This Content, Purchase It.” Now you are at the right place to fix this error.

Your PS5 may be trying to play a different edition of the game you want to play due to an issue with the game-sharing settings of the console.

The good news is that these issues frequently have relatively simple solutions; you need to know how. And fortunately, we’ll provide you with all the information you require.

We will discuss the causes and fixes of this error message on PS5 “Can’t Use This Content. To Use This Content, Purchase It.”

Causes Of “Can’t Use This Content. To Use This Content, Purchase It”

This specific error is because of a problem with your PS5’s game-sharing settings or by trying to play the incorrect game version.

Problems with this issue have come not only for people attempting to share games but also those trying to play PS5 upgrades of their PS4 titles.

Both of these, luckily, are not serious, and both can be fixed with relatively easy solutions. Let’s move on to those fixes now.

The PS5 Game-Sharing Error “Can’t Use This Content. To Use This Content, Purchase It”: How To Fix It?

Ensure the game-sharing setting is switched to resolve the problem where you may purchase a game for one system and use the appropriate accounts to play it on another console. To make sure, you might need to switch it off and on again.

If the problem is with the game version itself, you may fix it by selecting the settings button next to the game you want to play and ensuring you’re trying to access the PS5 version.

When you connect a PS4 disc, the system will frequently install the PS4 version rather than the PS5 version – therefore, make sure you also have the game installed.

Your PS5 will sometimes unexpectedly go back to the PS4 version. Although it’s not ideal, it’s the situation we’re all in. I’m hoping that a software update will fix this problem. Continue to install Sony updates as they become available.

You only have two choices if things go so awful that you cannot play games. Try performing a factory reset on your console first. Contact PlayStation Support to see if they have other suggestions if the first one doesn’t work.

How To Fix PS5 Error Message, Unlock Your Games, And Restore Licenses?

To fix a PS5 error notice, “PS5 can’t use this content. It will take some time,” unlock your games, and restore your licenses, do as follows:

  • Go to settings, choose users and accounts, and then pick others to accomplish this.
  • Then, on your PS5, restore the licenses, which should resolve most locked game issues.
  • After that, check your account to see if console sharing and offline play are enabled.
  • Additionally, do this on your PS5’s primary account, where you purchase games and access PS Plus so that it may share games with your other accounts.
  • You can quickly restore the licenses and unlock your games!


Now you know all the causes and solutions to this PS5 error message “Can’t Use This Content. To Use This Content, Purchase It.” You can fix it by turning on the game-sharing setting and by updating the latest versions of PS5 games.


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