How to Boot People Offline on Xbox

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It is easy how to boot people offline on Xbox, and it may be a lot of fun for some gamers. Here at Xbox One Booter, we will show you how to carry out such assaults, what is necessary, and which platforms we think are ideal for us.

A gamer may use an Xbox Booter to get others offline on Xbox by delivering a denial of service attack to their public IP address, which quickly takes them down.

You have ever questioned why you were disconnected at random or were threatened through message or party chat and subsequently ejected, go no further. This article will teach you all there is to know about Xbox booting and how to protect yourself from it.


How to Boot someone Offline with IP?

Finding out someone’s IP address is a crucial first step in understanding how to take them offline. It is significant since it will reveal their whereabouts. When you won’t be able to find someone online without their IP address, and they will still know where you are until you tell them otherwise.

Consider your IP address to be similar to your residential address because it is one-of-a-kind, and you are aware of who lives there.

The same principles apply to IP addresses, with your ISP giving a public IP address to your router, which then allocates local IP addresses to your devices within your home, same as how to boot people offline on PC, Mobile Phone, and Xbox.

Because we play games online, everyone’s public IP addresses must connect to the hosting server (Fortnite server, GTA server, etc.). Once connected, we may intercept, scan, and collect packets that resolve to IP addresses from other gamers.

Through Lanc Remastered PCPS Software

Lanc Remastered is a free software IP puller and IP Grabber that sniffs internet and home network data. You may either download it or watch how to pull IP addresses.

  • Let’s get started with the application and enter your Xbox information.
  • Choose a wired or wireless network adapter.
  • Filter and ARP spoofing are both checked.
  • Get your IP on the Xbox now.
  • From your game console’s settings > network settings.
  • Take note of your IP address and enter it in the TO section of the ARP Spoofing section.
  • Type the 3074 in the Destination Port field or leave it empty.
  • Your default gateway or router should be used as from the address.
  • It should automatically default to your router but double-check. It is for me.
  • Make sure everything is in order before forming an Xbox party with other gamers. Once they have joined your party, and press the start button.

How to Boot People Offline with Websites?

A DOS attack is what an Xbox Booter is. To overwhelm systems and prevent some or all valid requests from being completed, a Denial of Service is generally performed by flooding the targeted computer and resource with extraneous requests.

  • There are hundreds of Boot people offline websites to choose from, and they all work in most cases. Even a free program has the potential to take people offline.
  • Start by downloading the freebooters from our gathered list of booting websites.
  • When you know the IP address of the gamer and have chosen Booter. Enter the IP address and initiate your attack.
  • Then you will be successful in 10 seconds!
  • You may put up the IP address, port, attack durations, and technique you want to use on their Booter panel.

How to Boot People Offline For Free?

The truth is that none of the above-mentioned free websites are powerful enough to take down your target, and the free option exists solely to entice people to purchase premium packages. A home network may be affected but not a website or boot Offline app.

Look at some of the top DOS programs that you can manually install on any Windows and Linux computer. These programs are extremely strong, and malicious hackers typically use them to launch DDOS attacks by installing a dos tool on hundreds of computers throughout the world.

AIO Boot is software that allows you to make a bootable USB drive using Grub2, Grub4dos, Syslinux, Clover, and rEFInd. It can boot Windows, and most Linux distributions and boot via the network with Tiny PXE Server. AIO Boot is made up of a lot of methods, so there are bound to be flaws and a desire for compassion.

How to Boot People Offline on Phone?

It’s done by sending out huge connection requests to a computer because if it is not strong enough, won’t be able to respond appropriately, overloading and collapsing the system.

We’ll use AnDOSid to make this attack work on mobile. Scott Herbert created a hacking program that allows you to do network stress tests from your Android smartphone.

Take the following steps:

  • To begin, download and install the AnDOSid program.
  • When you launch the program after it has been installed, you will see the main menu.
  • Continue by typing the URL address of your target. If you need help pulling IPs, check out our PS4 and Xbox tutorials.
  • Change the payload size. 1024 bytes is the default size? 1Kb. You must raise the payload size if you want to increase the stress. The amount of milliseconds between each strike is determined by the third box.
  • 1000 milliseconds = 1 second is the default value. If you wish to shorten or lengthen the time between hits, change the value to suit your demands.
  • When you press the “Go” button, then the player will be taken offline.

How to Stop Booter and Xbox DDOS Attacks?

The most crucial information an attacker needed, as you can see from the above instructions on how to use an Xbox booter, was your IP address.

To defend against DDOS attacks, we simply need to deceive the gamer or players that wish to take you down. As a result, they will boot a DDOS-protected IP address, and your network will not be overloaded.

Before you play online, we recommend connecting your Xbox to a VPN. Get a limited-time 35 percent discount from Express VPN and ensure you will never get kicked off the internet again!

A VPN will not only protect you from DDOS attacks, but it will also keep your surfing secret, speed up downloads, and allow you to stream Netflix/Amazon Prime in different locations.


You have learned how to boot people offline on Xbox from this article. We can extract and collect IP addresses from Xbox gamers and gamer hosting servers using a few Windows programs. We can successfully kick them offline and win automatically by delivering an attack to their IP.

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