Cross The Ages

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Cross The Ages is a collectible card game for desktops and mobile devices featuring a metaverse where science fiction and fantasy meet.

However, with so many collectible card games available, players are looking for cutting-edge games that promote thrilling action without sacrificing financial incentives. These games are easily accessible and do not have any device-restriction. And provide gamers with a good amount of earning potential, are easily accessible.

Based on Free-to-Read novels, this card game is a Free-to-Play game. The Cross the Ages series consists of seven books, which will be released over seven years.

Cross the ages book one, The Chrome Spell Book, is available, and book two, Data Spell, receives new chapters every Monday. This card game is fantasy fiction since it already has appropriate cards for the characters from the first book.

You may learn more about the Cross The Ages Trading Card Game’s main processes in this post. It will enable you to comprehend how to play Cross the Ages better.

Basic Concepts of Cross The Ages Game

A deck of 20 cards and an opponent are necessary to play Cross The Ages: Trading Card Game (TCG).

Players in the Cross The Ages Trading Card Game compete to control the board by utilizing the strength of their cards. You can win the game in one of two ways:

  • When the board is complete, you will have more cards than your opponent. It’s a draw if it is equal.
  • The remaining time for your opponent reaches zero.

Type Of Cards

TCG cards come in packs of 20. There will be three different card types in this deck. These are:

  • Battle Cards
  • Field Cards
  • Leader Card

Battle Cards

The most common cards you play on the board to capture your opponent’s cards or protect your positions are battle cards.

All battle cards feature various details on their fronts, but the most significant ones are as follows:

  • The elements include nature, fire, earth, water, darkness, air, and light (top right).
  • A number that indicates the strength of your card is the power value, which is located at the bottom.

Field Cards

Field cards are unique in that they change the board rather than taking up space on it and apply effects (such as increasing or decreasing power values) that can endure for several turns or until the opponent reverses them.

Effects are based on the card’s element, and your turn is not over when a card is played. In other words, you may combine it with other effects like your Leader’s Special Attack.

Leader Card

You must choose one of your battle cards as your Leader while creating your deck. Each battle card has the potential to be a leader, but you can only select one.

In addition to being picked randomly at the start of a game, the card selected as your Leader also grants you a unique effect that may be used on the board.

How To Play Cross The Ages?

Creating the most effective battle arena control and conquest plan is the objective. Each participant starts the game with a deck of 20 digital cards. You can create gamer’s deck is by selecting ten cards at random. Each turn-based battle between players lasts, on average, 5 minutes.

The game will be free; paid entry will only grant access to extra features and more rapid game development.

Cross the Ages game offers players many earning options, much like many other blockchain-based games. The following tokens are available to users:

Crystals Token

After winning a game, gamers can receive crystals categorized as soft cash. Crystals may turn cards into non-fungible tokens (Cross the ages NFTs) and purchase card packs, skins, and booster packs. They may also be traded for Cross the Ages (CTA) tokens at the present exchange rate.

Gold Token

The second soft currency is gold; however, this token is off-chain and cannot be traded. To maintain game fairness, digital cards are combined using gold.

CTA Token

The primary utility token that offers a variety of in-game applications and access to significant off-series NFTs is the CTA token. On-chain operations need CTA, and its value will increase as the game goes on. It will be necessary to spend CTA to participate in guild events and tournaments, as well as to mint and merge NFTs and purchase booster packs.


Based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels, Cross The Ages (CTA) is the first mobile collectible card game with a dystopian collision of worlds as its setting. Utilizing near-field communication technology, CTA, which is based on blockchain technology, enables a complete value cycle from mobile gaming to PC gaming and eventually to physical collectible cards.

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